The little train of Pelion

The Little Train of Pelion

The train of Pelion is well-known as “trenaki” (=little train) of Pelion. The train of Pelion, a dynamic element of culture and development,...
Water sports - Pelion, Greece

Water sports in Pelion

There is a wide range of water activities in the region of Magnesia, and of course in Pelion, including windsurfing, jet skiing, water-skiing,...
Beaches in Pelion

Beaches in Pelion

Words can easily fail you when you try to describe the beaches in Pelion. Here you can find beaches for all tastes. Organized ones with modern...
Hiking - Trekking, Pelion, Greece

Trekking – Hiking

A network with footpaths and cobbled “kalderimia’ is being built across the beautiful Pelion land for tourists who wish to discover the spectacular...
A trip to Pelion, Greece

A trip to Pelion

Get away to the most beautiful and peaceful place in Pelion Greece Pelion in Greece is a perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle...
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